Saturday Night’s Alright (for grappling with technology)!

Welcome to our brand new website.  It is still under development, and since I am adding most of the content myself, be prepared for spelling mistakes,  crimes against grammar, and probably an occasional outburst of potty mouth 🤭

I had realised that for some time we were not getting value for money from our previous providers, and updates were becoming more complicated to achieve.  However, being a dyed-in-the-wool procrastinator, I ignored the problems.  It was when we discovered emails were journeying into cyber-neverland, that we realised something must be done.

And that is why, here I am on a Saturday night, (and maybe even Sunday morning), grappling with new technology, when really I should be out contributing to gin shortages in the pubs and bars of Nottingham.  Never mind, I have plenty of stocks at home, so bottoms up.  Although maybe THAT’S why there are spelling mistakes, crimes against grammar, and a touch of potty mouth!

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